What do we think?

Complete novice? Learn beginners’ Italian online with the brilliant Coffee Break Academy. Following a programme of 40 audio lessons, each 15 – 20 minutes long, you will learn the basics – from ordering fabulous food and drink to befriending native speakers – in a lively and engaging manner, through hearing Mark and Francesca explain the language to learner Katie. This is far more than simply listening and repeating – you’ll start to get to grips with how the language works, and build your confidence as you go. Follow it up with Season 2 (taking your Italian to the next level), and you’ll be well on your way, whether you’re preparing for a trip to the land of pasta and gelato, Michelangelo and da Vinci, or simply keen to set yourself a challenge. Puoi farlo!

What do they say?

“Coffee Break Italian is like going for a coffee with your friend who happens to speak Italian and is helping you to learn in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Then add a solid structure and carefully constructed pedagogy which ensures that you progress through the lessons and build on previously-learned materials.”

Where is it?

Online, wherever suits you on whatever device you wish to use.

When is it?


How much is it?

£96 for 40 lessons, each 20 minutes in length, plus full lesson notes.

Where can you find out more?

Interested? Click here to find out more. Alternatively, click here to take a look at Season 2, perfect for those with an existing grasp of basic Italian.

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