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Six Autumn 2018 Festivals

How better to explore the UK’s towns and cities than through their fabulous festivals? We’ve gathered six autumn 2018 festivals in England and Wales for you to look out for over the coming months.

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Six September 2018 Festivals

We’ve pulled together a highlights reel of six September 2018 festivals to look forward to, so that you can note down the dates, grab your tickets and see the summer’s end as an excuse to soak up still more literary, historical and creative entertainment, across the South of England and beyond. 

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Five Upcoming Festivals: May & June 2018

We’ve put together a curated selection of five of our favourite upcoming spring 2018 festivals, so that you can get the dates in the diary, ring a friend, book your tickets and head out for lovely literary, musical or artistic days in special spots across the south of England.

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Armchair travel at its best: the cultural sights of StreetView

Whether you’re at home by choice or design, there’s no shortage of wonderful ways to explore the world from the comfort of your sitting room. Put the kettle on, settle in somewhere cosy and journey across the globe, through the cultural sights of StreetView, with the aid of the screen in front of you. 

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Christine Green – Getting Craftier By The Day

Prolific art tutor Christine Green teaches at a variety of venues around the country. Here she talks about how her various experiences have brought her to this point, and why paper cutting in particular is so rewarding. Finally she extends an offer to Encorum members.

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7 Exciting Exhibitions – Spring 2018

Pack your pen and paper, pick a superb spot for a lovely lunch and shelter from grey days in some of the south of England’s most marvellous museums and galleries, exploring 7 exciting spring 2018 exhibitions.  

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A Literary Festival in the Tropics

The Galle Literary Festival is an extraordinary annual event that takes place each January in the beachside town of Galle in the south of Sri Lanka. Read about why it is quite so special.

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Gustav Mahler: Musician of the month

The 2017 BBC Proms came to an end last month and, like many others, I thoroughly enjoyed going to The Royal Albert Hall for various concerts as well as tuning into BBC Radio 3 in the evenings when at home. One of the concerts I went to featured Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, in D major, played beautifully by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

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Music and nature with Robin Nelson

Former Head of Music at Marlborough College, Robin Nelson lives in Avebury, one of the beautiful Wiltshire villages set in rolling countryside. I had the delightful opportunity to meet with Robin in August, and hear all about his musical career as well as his passion for birds.

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Zlate Okno – Alison Balsom: Musician of the month

Sitting in the audience of Alison Balsom’s solo show at the Royal Albert Hall in 2014, my mind was blown away by her performance of Zlate Okna (Golden Window). Being a stunningly attractive and hugely talented trumpeter with a great sense of humour, Alison has caught the interest and appreciation of audiences worldwide.

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Podcasts & Videos to Ponder – Wherever in the World you are

Sometimes pottering around a museum or popping out to a talk might seem all to tricky. For days when you simply want to sit tight with a cosy cup of tea, podcasts and videos are the answer. Here are a few Encorum favourites – a flavour of podcasts and videos for lifelong learners who can’t – or won’t – face the wind & rain again.

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Our 2017 Reading List: Literary Highlights

There’s something very special about curling up with a good book – lifelong learning quietly, from home, and at one’s own pace. We’re keen readers – with an even bigger still-to-read pile – and thought we’d share a few 2017 publication highlights from our reading list with you. 

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Explore Cowdray Estate

Situated in Midhurst, West Sussex the magnificent 16,500-acre Cowdray Estate is at the heart of the South Downs National Park and makes for many a fabulous day out.

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