Address details - why do we ask for them?

We like to say thank you and to have the ability to send you a mini membership card and one or two little complimentary extras. We do not believe in Junk Mail though, and we absolutely do not share your address details with anyone else. We never ask for your telephone details.

Budget - how do I find courses and activities within my budget?

Click on “Courses” on the Hompepage, and then choose a Subject Area of interest. If you possibly want to spend very little, then in the filters tick “Entry” Level and then “Free” AND “Paid” under Price, then click “Search”. If you don’t see the exact event that you want, hopefully you have at least seen one or more providers whom you like. If you have a bigger budget, then don’t limit yourself only to “Entry” level items.

Calendar of Events - is there one?

We know this would be very useful and are working on it.

Contact - how do I contact one of the Encorum team?

Please feel free to e-mail with any queries, or if you simply have a suggestion! Simon, or one of the team will get back “in a jiffy”!

Member Extras - whate are these?

A section accessed by clicking here where you can check the current discounts offered to Encorum members

Membership - how much is it?

Membership is free in the hope that we can encourage as many people as possible to embrace the concept of having fun staying mentally active through lifelong learning.

Personal Details - where do I update them?

“My Homepage” is a button at the top of the page when you are logged in. Click on that, and then click on “My Profile” to update your details.

Search tools - where are they?

We recognise that different people like to search in different ways so we have built the site to give you choice. Here are 6 options:

  • Click on “Courses”, select a “Subject Area” and then you have the option to narrow your search by Level, Delivery type and Price (free or paid), then click “Search”
  • Click on “List of Providers”, then click on filters to narrow your search by type of activity or county. The search will run automatically
  • Type a keyword linked to your search in the search bar at the top of the page, then click on the search icon (the magnifying glass)
  • Browse our Inspiration section for ideas
  • When you are reading a “Post” you may not be totally satisfied with some aspect of the specific course, talk, walk, or tour that we have profiled. You can click on the buttons in “Not quite what you are looking for?” to conveniently be taken to other possibilities.
  • Finally, you can always drop us a note at and ask for our help. We have a lot of information at our fingertips!
Subject Areas - why have we chosen these seven subject areas?

We did extensive pre-launch research and these were the most popular, so we have focused on them first. Once we know that our business model works, we will add others.

What's New?

If you ticked one or more subject areas when registering, then any time you visit “My Homepage” having logged on, and scroll down – you will see the 5 most recent “posts” that we have added under each of your Interest areas.

"Wishlist" - what is it?

If you are browsing our site and see an event or activity that interests you, you can click “Add to my Wishlist” at the bottom of the page. You can then return to “My Homepage” at any time and click on “My Wishlist” to see what previously caught your attention.