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Entry – typically the shortest courses where no prior knowledge of the subject is needed.
Explore – may be short, may be longer, but we assume that typically you have an existing interest in the topic and would like to know more, and are prepared to commit more time and perhaps pay a bit more.
Expert – we reserve this for the courses that are the most intensive, specialist in nature and perhaps comparatively more costly.


We have divided courses according to whether you can do them at home/where you want, or whether you have to go to a specific place.
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Online – you do the course where you want


Many of us don’t realise that there is a lot of free material online, so we give you the option to choose if you only want to look at free “content”.

‘Sappho to Suffrage’: women who dared

Marking the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK, The Bodleian Libraries’ ‘Sappho to Suffrage’ exhibition showcases more than eighty highlights from the Libraries’ extensive archival collection.

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Sino-Japanese Interactions through Rare Books

If, like us, you are intrigued as to how Chinese culture was received and adapted by Japan, FutureLearn’s Sino-Japanese Interaction course will prove to be a really fascinating insight into the history of rare books in China and the development of Japanese culture. Suitable for literature lovers, historians and anyone with a special interest in Asia.

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Spring Retreat (Untutored)

Take yourself off to the striking Yorkshire Dales and the wonderful writers’ “Spring Garsdale Retreat (untutored)”. Immerse yourself in five days of blissful scribbling, tuck yourself away at the writing desk in your cosy room, peruse the house’s specialist poetry library, or venture out across the tranquil hills in search of literary inspiration.

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Start Writing Fiction

Always wanted to try your hand at writing fiction but not sure where or how to start? Join this terrific online course, share your work with peers and absorb the fabulous tips and support from expert writers – and get writing!

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