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Entry – typically the shortest courses where no prior knowledge of the subject is needed.
Explore – may be short, may be longer, but we assume that typically you have an existing interest in the topic and would like to know more, and are prepared to commit more time and perhaps pay a bit more.
Expert – we reserve this for the courses that are the most intensive, specialist in nature and perhaps comparatively more costly.


We have divided courses according to whether you can do them at home/where you want, or whether you have to go to a specific place.
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Online – you do the course where you want


Many of us don’t realise that there is a lot of free material online, so we give you the option to choose if you only want to look at free “content”.


Stockfest18 runs 12th -19th August 2018 in the West Berkshire village of Stockcross. This small community festival punches above its weight in packing in a dazzling array of events of activities in and around the village.

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Learn Furniture Upholstery

Bring along an old chair, stool or ottoman in need of some cosmetic care (a piece of furniture that you can easily carry into the upholstery introductory workshop!) and some lovely fabric for a busy hands-on day in bustling Bath. Join a small group of up to five others, and learn this fabulous skill.

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Learn Free-Machine Embroidery

Pop along to The Makery’s free-machine embroidery workshop to learn the ‘knack’ for this addictive crafty skill with one of the team’s lovely tutors guiding you step-by-step through the process. Basic sewing machine skills are the sole requirement for this hugely popular half-day workshop.

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Introduction to Dyeing with Organic Indigo and Japanese Shibori – Day Workshop

If you have ever admired hand-dyed fabrics and wished you knew how to create them, then this relaxed, day-long Flora Arbuthnott’s Indigo Dyeing Workshop, including Japanese Shibori techniques, has your name on it. Part of the beauty of this introduction to dyeing is the fact that you can replicate it all at home at the kitchen table if you catch the indigo bug!

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Toe-up Socks

This video eBook course puts top-class yarn tuition on knitting socks, just a click away. What’s more, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee, if you put your foot in it, as it were!

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